Evergreen and Aperture is a lifestyle blog that combines the passions of two friends Emily and Jessica. Here you'll find articles of a wide variety ranging from makeup reviews, how to live a greener life, photography, and so on!

Our goal is to discuss our experiences and passions while sharing our honest opinions about them. We hope you enjoy Evergreen and Aperture; feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

A Note from Jessica:

The idea for this site arose when I realized there weren't many blogs about environmentally conscious products and reviews. Terms such as ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are slapped onto products all the time, but what do they actually mean? Through Evergreen and Aperture, I hope to offer unreserved opinions about a variety of products and attempt to further explain these certifications. I want to show that living an earth-conscious lifestyle is attainable for the average person, regardless of their income.

Throughout this site, you will be given tips and tricks on how to maintain a sustainable way of living. Posts from me will generally vary; I may write about eco-friendly cosmetics, or how native plants increase diversity in a forest, and how you can incorporate this ideal in your own backyard. I also want to talk about ground-breaking research in the environmental field, but translated in a public forum. I truly believe that the problem with many environmental issues is that no one understands what they mean; without comprehension, how can anybody care? At least, that's my prerogative.

In a nutshell, I’m an environmentalist, violist, writer, and cosmetic ‘connoisseur’. I have recently graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Environmental Science. However, I am interested in pursuing a career in environmental law or policy, as I feel that is the best way I can enact change. I am currently an intern for a local non-profit that restores native habitat around Commencement Bay in Tacoma, removing invasive plant species.

Unfortunately, I am not as well versed as Emily in building an Internet base, but I do have a twitter account! Kinda sad, isn’t it? I’m @juxtaposed_one. Please like us on Facebook!

- Jessica

A Note from Emily:

Evergreen and Aperture is a place where I can share my love for photography and makeup. But it's also a place where I can combine the two. From both Jessica and myself you'll find us discussing a myriad of topics, yet sticking to the basics that we love (for me it's makeup [beauty] and photography). I plan on posting product reviews, tutorials, and hauls for the beauty aspect. I also plan on discussing photography tips, tricks, tutorials, ideas, and so on. Hence why we're a lifestyle blog, we have so much to share with you that we couldn't confine ourselves!

After reading a little more about us hopefully the title of our blog will make more sense too. The shorter version goes as: Jessica is an Environmental Sciences major who lives her passion for the environment in every which way, therefore she represents the Evergreen. As for me, I represent the Aperture aspect since I'm a photographer. Jessica and I came together for this blog through our profound love for makeup and obsession with the beauty community on YouTube.

As of this fall I will be returning to school to finish my degree in Communications, with hopefully (if I don't change my mind, again) a minor in Spanish. I also plan on taking some formal classes for photography, since everything I know is through practice and careful observance. Once I receive my degree I hope to work for a magazine as a contributor, possibly even a photographer. At the present moment I am working in a large retail store selling cameras, and on the side I still do photography. I find myself especially excited to be the photographer for Evergreen and Aperture, because it gives me a chance to continue practicing the passion I cherish the most.

As a photographer I do commissioned/non-commissioned work in the Western Washington (Seattle/Tacoma/etc.) area under the name of E Schumann Foto. If you would like to check out my photography portfolio, separate blog, etc. please view the following links:
- E Schumann Foto [official website]
- E Schumann Foto [blog]
- Flickr [view recent work/personal work]

P.S., Don't forget to check my profile out on Beautylish!
- Emily