Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where's the Weekend Wednesday

I used to loathe Wednesdays when I was going to school as a child - simply because I could not wait for the weekend. Now that my weekend doesn't always apply to the typical Saturday/Sunday schedule, Wednesday is categorized as "just another day" to me.

For all of those out there suffering through the middle of the week (or better known as "Hump Day") I though I'd share a video every Wednesday. These posts will mostly consist of makeup videos, but I will definitely include videos of other topics, whether it be about photography or a just a funny video I came across.

After all, Wednesdays can be pretty rough when you're aching for the weekend, so a little humor or education never hurt!

This Wednesday I chose a video from Pixiwoo's alternative channel PixiwooMadness. It's a ten minute tutorial on how to achieve a healthy glow and it comes just in time since we're drawing near the end of summer. If you haven't hit the beach yet this season, you should with this look!

- Emily

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